Love Is You (part 1)

A Masterpiece Of Failure

Love is pain
Love is unending
Love is haunting
And each tick of the clock moves me a step back
Each tock pushes me forward
I can't move on
I can't forget the pain
Even if I forgive you
I wont forget you
My grudge is growing
And my guilt is unforgiving
This knife turned your skin to stone
I can't pull it free though I try so hard
But my strength can't move my arms to swim through your blood
If I could I'd travel the winding stream
And make peace in your heart
Your heart beat I'd slowed
But never meant to stop
And as the life in you slowly runs out
The last thing you will see
Will be my eyes
Stabbing you with my gaze
See my deepest thoughts
Your final sleep in your coffin deep
I never wanted you

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