Love Is You (part 2)

A Masterpiece Of Failure

You were just a romance tragedy
Rehearsed to the tune of death
These actors are real
They'll stab you for fun
Just to see you bleed would clean the salt from my cheeks
Every tear holds a story
Like a romantic murder novel
Love and death
An endless chain
Of remorse and sorrow
Cry for me one last time
Cry for yourself for the first time
You never knew what you were doing
I'd never show how much I was hurting
Now the writing is on the wall
Written in my own blood
I am too weak to stand up to you
My fingers are daggers
When they touch my skin
Your lips are arsenic
That blends with me
In this twisted fairy tale
With no good ending
Where we all became traitors to ourselves
Love is dead
Love is a burden
Love is you

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