Time In Yur Hands Is a Knife Through My Chest That Not Even Angels Can Pull Out

A Masterpiece Of Failure

Lift this burden off my chest
The one you put there the day your bullet looked so nice
Now living on its own is pain
You're pushing my hour hand faster than I can run away from you
Because I'm unable to leave you
I'm struggling to break free but inside I know I don't really want to leave this torturous state of mind.
And you just keep wasting my time
I'm going to die really soon, as a dove on fire
Push me down
I can't grow up
You look so beautiful even when your gun is staring me in the chest
I still won't leave
No matter what it takes or how many times you shove your knife right through my face
I'll be here waiting for you to put down your weapons.
The other side of you is worth all of this pain you�ve put me through.
This hate for you is a disguised love, or maybe hate is love
You're dressed in black and I'm still stained red
How could you mistake love for putting a hole through a heart
I'm trying to teach you that this is so right
I'm trying to live before it's too late
You have so much guilt that I have bled for you
It's worth all this time
All the mourning
All of this misery you've put me through
I'm just waiting for the time to be right to tell you three words your never going to listen to
My time for you is killing me
When will this end

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