Stories Can End, But The Author Still Lives

A Masterpiece Of Failure

This is the most fatal tragedy
There is no way that this is the end
Don't you understand that love simply doesn't cease?
You can't stop me from breathing no matter how hard on my lungs you squeeze
I want her to take my hand and lead me through this world of hate
Our lives have been handcuffed together and you're the one that makes it seem like it's a crime
Everywhere I look, and everywhere I go all I see are memories of her that can't be destroyed
Words on my papers, stating she was there and she always will be there, written down on my heart in big bold letters
I'd rather bleed than face the end of this path
So many regrets for so many angry words (angry minds)
This song is about so many bad things and bad things to come
This song is about good things trying to be drowned
I can't stop loving her
Get it in your head, you seem to keep forgetting that
This act of unfairness
Drew the tears in my eyes, drawn with blood, my pain is there too
The tissues piling up drown the life from my room and my blinds are shut to block out the light.
Where is the forgiveness in a world built on chances?
How could you want this to happen?
No one is perfect; don't look down on someone for something you too have failed
You are supposed to be the one to help me when I've fallen
Not the one who knocked me on the ground
I am so in love with her
This is not the end
There is no end
My heart still beats
You can't win

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