No Toleration For The Intoxicated

A Masterpiece Of Failure

I do not tolerate the fabricated
You state you know the truth
Your tongue spits lies
You are only material
Let my words be daggers
Let me split your distorted image
That image you wanted to be like everyone else
What happened to, it's what's inside that counts?
Beauty is only skin deep
What matters is what lies beneath
Heart and dignity
Let these words pierce your heart
So when all the blood pours out
You can see that all those things you lied to yourself about
Didn't really count
Stand down
When you're crying I won't care
When you're dying
I'll be your haunting ghost
Hovering over your grave
Turn from this path you've taken
And find the truth you have inside
Before the clock unwinds
And there's no hope left

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