For Our Liberty


In the western forests, by the endless sea
Surrounded by forces of the enemy
Legions of the twilight had come to take their land
Yet all those tales of conquest were written in sand

Celtic warriors gather, watch the cauldron boil
Drink the magic potion, defend your native soil

Fight for your heartland side by side
Into darkness you will ride
Taunt the wrath of gods and set it free
Fists in the air we will resist
Legions lost in Gallic mist
Stand together for our liberty

Ancient mighty druid, wisest of the wise
Keep the secret safer than your own true eyes
Smallest of all warriors, take them on alone
Strongest of all warriors, carve our deeds in stone

Not a single one of the invaders shall withstand
Those who dare to march ashore will feel our iron hand

See the iron walls around their village
Yet they never would enter the realm of fear
Raise your standards, fly the Roman eagle
Hope is most likely born when the end is near

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