The Sacred Talisman


Your mother lies silently dying
But you cannot stay with her now
Listen son to what I’ve told you
The one choice you have is to go
Morgan of Orris is waiting
By treason the heir to the throne
The fate of a world that is trembling
Is placed now in your hands alone

Close your eyes and take a journey to the other side
In the shadows walk and from the claws of darkness hide

Ride on across the lands of hate
The queen lies dying in pain
Save the world from the evil one
Go and find the sacred talisman

The setting sun it keeps your secret
Be it true or just fantasy
The isle of dark nightmares awaits you
Challenging black forces unseen

Never let them take your strength and hold your head up high
And you’ll be crowned victorious when darkness’ fall is nigh

Darkest fears and unknown horrors they will pave your way
Our homes and heartlands in the shadows of decay
Territories of beyond shall not fall prey to sin
And we’ll see beloved queen Laura reign in light again

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