Northern Son


The saddest day for all the world came in the Moon of Mead
When the heart of Nordland’s ever greatest son did cease to beat
The hordes gathered throughout the lands, fell to their knees in grief
And cried a thousand tears in agony and disbelief

Oh bitter came the mourning times, the sun gives no more light
For one who meant the world to me has passed into the night
So hordes of warriors in the world, this requiem be sung
For Nordland’s greatest warrior that died so very young

Forever be thy name remembered far and wide
The thirteen candles burn for you like for all those who died
The hall up high may welcome you, through blood by thunder ride
And on your quest for timeless life Valkyries be your guide

A burning ship of lifeless glory, to nowhere it must sail
I raise the horn and drink to thee, loud be called out thy hail
And though we know that life can’t last, all men must die the same
I know one thing which never dies, the honour of thy name

Valhalla’s gates now open wide for northern son
Now sits by the side of fathers long time gone
Called way up high by gods of thunder, wind and rain
You are in our hearts and ever will remain

The blood on ice is frozen in the home of those once brave
Under the runes the wheel of sun, a call from out (of) the grave
The wind of mayhem brings on day of wrath the dragon’s breath
The reaper sings an ode of war and blood and fire and death

When blood and soul on Vinland’s blooded shore have turned to grey
By the lake of fire the mourner’s clad in black in Asa Bay
And bearers of a hammerheart know when this world is gone
After his death they’ll see the resurrection of the northern son

And wherever I may ride I know you’re always there
And in the thick of fray and fight I know you’re always there
Into the dark the hammerheart shall send a shining light
So let this song of hail to you ring loud into the night

Valhalla’s gates now open wide for northern son
Now sits by the side of fathers long time gone
Forever in my heart your spirit will remain
And in the hall of fallen ones we’ll meet again

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