Priests Of War


A holy war is what you’d fight, you’d be the chosen one
Bringing peace to all the lands, but all I see is misery now
Who do you think that you are, a man or man made god
Deaf to all the words of warning, treachery works always somehow

Down glory road you rode in triumph in the name of liberty
You came to bring them peace and life and free these lands from all their sorrow
Fires burning to the sky, the monuments you gave the land
And if its children die today their fathers will love you tomorrow

And you can never feel a thing so far away
And you will never see until your dying day

Priests of war – tell me what is it for
For peace we yearned, you never learned
And now the fires of hate grow evermore
Priests of war – the black oath has been sworn
And in the darkest clouds of night
I see your death be born

How do you now sleep these days, how do you dream at night
Do you ever feel remorse for all the lies that you were telling
Not too long we will be waiting, not too long your reign will last
One of these days you’ll be pleased to meet the Coalition of the Killing

Don’t you know things in life ain’t always what they seem
Your victims’ funeral march shall be your dying scream

It matters not where you’ll be hiding
It matters not how long we’ll search
The price will be paid
You’ll pay with your hollow soul

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