Kingdom Of The Weird


Kingdom of the weird - what a place to be
Like a fairytale
Eyes filled with horror when getting wide
Just like them
How did I get here? I really don't know
Any more
There are people laughing, smiling at me
But it's so hard

And eyes of gold staring at me
Can't run away, the place to be
Don't wanna stay, a different kind
Who am I now? A schizophrenic mind

Kingdom of the weird - another attack
Satanic smile
Arrival just a man, now getting like them
Another part of the pile
There is no cure for hearts and brains
Just stay here
A world within a world where no one has
Any fears

It must not be, I must not stay
In this my home I will decay
But happiness is all I feel
Why should I go? To evil this world is a seal

Kingdom of the weird

They're greeting me with open arms
Eternal love, worship, no more hate
The beauty with just head and heart
She smiles at me though looking like a snake

The kingdom of the weird is the kingdom of mankind

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