The Autotelic Self


A world full of burdens
And other sheer distractions
Can alter the mind so that
We're no longer free
Confronted by permanent
Stress and false attractions
We cannot enjoy our
Lives the full degree

Living in faulty sanity
In our new world
It's easy to get so bewitched by ads
To be good-looking, wealthy and powerful
We all have the opportunity to be imaginative
But false desires can cloud our mind

We're becoming
Mindless puppets
Living in a
Cage of burdens
This attendance
Turning into dependence
It's so hard to keep sane
Living behind lock and chain

We are becoming
Mindless zombies
Living in a
Cage of burdens
This attendance
Turning into dependence
It's so hard to keep sane
When our lives are spent in vain

Falling down into pieces
When you realize you've removed from
All the power and motivation
Now you see it's nothing but deceit
And you feel disillusion
How could you have reason to stay here?
Will your world be this way forever?
Now it's all off-beat

Do I have to surrender
To this place where nothing has meaning?
Only my broken mind protects me
In a life with nothing to believe
Thinking of new solutions
To achieve my own absolution
Can I live in my own new dreamworld?
Should I self-deceive?

Know thyself, don't let them dictate
All the choices for your own fate
Keep your objective all the way
And your mind will be made every day
Being curious, no disguise,
Even threats lead to brighter skies
Your design you can choose to build
Play the game and you'll see them fulfilled

(Distractions! Panic!)
(Leading to failures!)
Random thoughts are clouding my mind
Abandoned faith
Giving up attention so fast
Confused about
Whether I will reach my intent
I'm lost in doubt

Raise your consciousness to perceive
The awareness you can achieve
Gain control of your universe
Learning patience in all things diverse
Sense the mastery of your fate
Takes a while to grow and translate
See the chances to climb new hills
Where the challenge is matched by the skills

(Frustration! Boredom!)
(Trial and error!)
It will be a long way to go
No cutting through
For the journey's transforming you
Will you proceed?
Only if you try very hard
Will you succeed

Feeling totally focused now
Though unable to explain how
Being carried on by the flow
Staying peaceful inside of its glow
See that nothing else matters now
All your worries you disallow
Living life in its purest form
Far removed from the volatile norm

Commitment, independence and flow
An optimal experience
Enhancing your resilience
Reaching the perfect harmony

Composição: Freddegredde

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