Time Will Tell


Why does it feel like
There's always something amiss
Life plays tricks how did
Everything end up like this

Why am I here if I don't belong
Tell me, what is this
Joy that you have
Why can't I know
The same happiness others do
But I'll keep trying
To feel what you feel
Tell me, what's this beauty you see
I want to find out
Will everything fall into place
Time, will you tell

There's battle raging inside
Though hidden from view
Must this burden be shared
Or should I hide what's true

Misery, you're no stranger to me
So you strive to shape me, break me,
Make me, ruin me

This damnation has me shaken
Hope and passion, all forsaken
Self-assurance is eroding
My endurance, quickly fading

Trying to regain perspective now
I can't fall into desperation
I have to wait, be patient
They must know that it's not transient
Sufficient time 'til separation

The flame goes out and memory is lost
Time is always on my side

Streets after streets, I have walked on
Deep in silent contemplation
The hours melt together
All these days are like each other
But wait, not long 'til liberation

The flame goes out and memory is lost
But time is always on my side

Running through the forest to kill time
There's no wrong or right direction
Only fog and misty vision
There's no need for bold ambition
Having no feeling nor affection

The flame goes out and memory is lost
But time is always on my side

Then it came to me and I thought
Life could be a charm
Love seemed so sweet and mesmerizing
Didn't believe it could harm

I'll take a chance with escapism
And time is always on my side

Emptied soul and still fatalistic
Would life still enchant

I took my chance with escapism
And time is always on my side

Existing, not living
Then who cares if I am
All the signs so telling
They are only pointing
To what's near

Now I am on the
Brink of liberation

Looking out the window
Now the leaves have fallen
What's my fate
Feel like I'm in limbo
Would this be my callin'
No escape

Now I am on the
Brink of liberation
Falling down in pieces
No way out
It's the end, I'm leaving
Without doubt

Left them all my prized possessions
Bid them farewell, sealed confessions
Heart congesting, non-withstanding
But in the darkness a ray of hope
Shining through

Tell me, what's this beauty I see
Did I do it right, does life agree
That maybe I could give and
That's a reason good enough to live

Time's secrets so tightly held
But now you finally tell
That life's mysteries
Could lead to victories
A stranger's love could save
One who's been made a slave
And overcome life's trials
With hope

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