Welcome The Bright Skies


Into the night, waits the dawning sun
The warmth of light creates a new world to come
Life is straining now to overcome the void
And to embrace the joy

The cold abates to the rise of spring
The air of hope arrives, and birds wake to sing
Life will never wait
We live on borrowed time, embrace your fate
Take in the morning light
And live the days of sun in endless flight

We all just want to make our mark
To survive the coming dark
Eden falls into grief
And we all look on in disbelief

In the end the world will fall, if we won't care
The threads of time erase our lives, no more to spare

A turning, changing world
The ribbon of time unfurled
Can we abide passively
Waiting our time, we are standing by

We all just want to keep our place
To keep running in this race
Facing time and despair
No room for resurrection
Through the flood and the storm
Beyond the gloom, a light will transform

For you must outlast the fire
And rise up higher
Over smoke
Above the pain
Of winter wind
We are the rain

It's hard to always run away
From ice and snow, the bitter gray
We rise up and we fall
The storm holds sway over us and all

But then breaks the fiery dawn over winter eyes
The darkness decaying, welcome the bright skies

Life will never wait
We live on borrowed time, open the gate
Take in the morning light
And let go the night

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