This Fragile Existence


All this empty space
And wondrous starlight
We cannot really grasp the
True nature of our universe
In time and space, we are a... Speck

In our perculiar universe
Mighty forces forming stars
That are illuminating darkness
Starry wasteland
But then against all odds
Through evolution and decay
A little planet has evolved
Among the grand design

Perceiving anew, this fragile existence
A fertile haven in the cold dark space
Viewing the world in all of its brilliance
Its colors shining in the cosmic maze
Life - coming and going
On our sapphire sphere
Our balance kept
Year after year

(Scientific mumbo-jumbo)
The chance for life is almost none
It's our great mystery - yet here we are!
Now if we only could
Reduce the suffering and pain
No need for death
No more

Is it imperative to fight for morality
For the task could get too formidable
But we all share the same
Craving for happiness
And so, we should be grateful for
This gift of life we are living
And try to find our way to brighter skies
Perceiving anew, this precious existence
Let's revel the greatest of wonders to be alive!

All these diversified sceneries
All these animals
All these cultures that evolve
Here on this earth, we're alive!
But how can it be that we are
Consciously feeling?
How can matter lead to
Beings with minds and free will?

Why are we even here at all?
We don't know what is waiting
When death claims us all
If nothing can stay, it's all pointless
However, what's the point of this doubt?
It could have been great to believe
In ourselves again

With all the knowledge and wisdom
Found by our ancestors
We could do so much better than this
And with our technical progress
We could've brought a new age
A paradise on earth
Designed to help us
Advancing ourselves

But therein exists a problem
We're egocentric
Burning up resources
Breaking the balance of life
Our intent can change the world
For everything's connected
As hard as we try
The blindness of mankind might
Ruin it all

Unveil - hope that shines on our path
Don't give in to woe
Disregard what can't change
We can let it go
Like a curious child
We could be embracing the mystery
In time and space, we're alive!

Perceiving anew, this boundless existence
So much to feel, so hard to imagine
Breaking a way through the path of resistance
Our acceptance is illuminating our way of life

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