The Tower


Alone she is wandering
With no goal in sight
The cold begins to
Give in to the night
Searching greener latitudes
Leaving hollow darkness behind
She has traveled
A slow, aimless roam
So far from finding
A place to call home

Chasing greener latitudes
Leaving daunting landscape behind
Is there a better land beyond to find?
Frustration reached its peak
How much can one take
On winding roads, in time
She finds that she
Can't wander anymore

But in all hopelessness
She finds a spark
Refusing life in sorrow
She decides to change her tomorrow
So she strides out to
Find a place to settle down
With trees and fertile ground
Protecting her from any threats around

Build up - reaching for the sky
(Snow is coming)
Outlast suffering - aiming high
(Winter's plan she can defy)
With wood and straw
She can begin to build a home
Determined to survive
While finding the will to pursue and progress

Build up - reaching for the sky
(Snow is coming)
Outlast suffering - aiming high
(Winter's plan she can defy)
Then the storm comes, raging in the sky
(Destroying all it finds)
All has been lost
(Only fragments left)
All this work for nothing
Realizing the harm in eager carelessness
She needs patience to rebuild

So she starts to build
A solid tower made out of stone!
For it can keep all known
Threats behind sturdy walls
The tower rises slowly
A flowering structure grows
By a precise, well thought out plan,
She follows through
The work's exhausting, yet so
Rewarding to make progress
Lifting heavy rocks will
Give the tower new heights

Finally it's set in stone
Refuge of her own
Feel the world fade to night
Her balance quivers in a silent blight
Despite it all, loneliness sets in
Depression clouds her passions
She curls up in the tower's darkest corner
No light of joy is found

Captured mind of apathy
Safe but isolated
With her final strengths she's
Making windows streaming light and air!
Feeling power to ascend
Build up - reaching for the sky
Up high, greet the brilliant view
Your horizon grows in you!

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