a Long Silence

Fall of Empyrean

She promised me love
The light of the world
Will soon leave me
Sick of her life and
The pain that it brings
She shoots herself dead
Right in front of me

Her blood stains my face
A long silence
Throughout this place
I just can't believe
That something like this
Could happen to me
My unborn son
Still inside her
Drowning as she bleeds

The hurt that I now feel
No! This is not real
The joy and all of the love we had
Is gone

Why couldn't she see
How this devastates me?
To see the death of my wife
Right before my eyes

Into a fetal form
I lie beside her on the floor
The thoughts inside my head
Tell me I should be
Joining her in her death …
To suffer together

A calm has come over me
I plainly see how it should be
To be with my family
Lying dead with them
For eternity …
In complete misery

I take the gun
From her cold, bloody hand
I place the barrel
Deep inside my own mouth
As far as I can

Closing my eyes
I pull the trigger
Putting a hole right through
The back of my head

I fall to the floor
Bleeding there motionless
Next to my bride
As the silence fills
The room once again …
At the end of my life

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