In The Shadows of The Sun

Fall of Empyrean

The sun that shines
In the sky
Brings the world its warmth
And continues life
It starts each day
From deep in space
Though in the end
It will burn away

We hide from the light
And embrace the night

Until we see that day
We will live this way
Dwell within the earth
In these damp, darkened caves
Never to escape
Always on the run
Finding ways to hide
In the shadows of the sun
We thrive

Extinction of our dying race
Is at stake
Though we grow stronger
With every life we take

Lurking in the dark
Feeding on the fears of man
Draining their blood
So we may live
Living with the pain

And disgrace
Of this sheltered life
Killing what we need
Consuming everything we see

We gain our strength
With each death
Giving us hope
That we seek
Still, we can't succeed

And the torment
This causes inside
Brings visions

Of a world that we fear
And its burning light
Searing our flesh into dust
Though we'll die if we must
To live again

We've survived
For so many years
Even with the progress of man
The end is so near
Darkness will cover the earth
Giving way to birth
For we shall rise

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Pre-Chorus

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