Fallen Ways of God

Fall of Empyrean

The tales He preached
They believed
Slaves of Christ
Are trapped within
A twisted web of His deceit
They pray, day to day
Though faith in their God
Is lost
Finding Christ
Is not the way

Could they believe the lies?
Or will they see
Creation was evolved
Not of a deity?

Discovery of the truth

Is revealed
The fate of the world
Is in their hands
Becoming real

Darkened ways embraced
Rebirth of the human race
Depression becomes widespread
Knowing that their God is dead
Bright lit days turn to night
No promise of an afterlife

Now that they see the truth
They have the right to choose

A race once proud
Has fallen apart
Living a lie
From the very start
Mindless drones
On their knees to beg
For a world
Only a God could give

The weak at heart
Are drained of hope
Losing their faith
And all control
In a godless world
They are left distraught
New life begins
With the fallen ways of God

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