No Hope Before Me

Fall of Empyrean

I've come to the end
Of my life in this time
The hope I once had
Is now gone and has died
I search for an ending
A quest – for the pain
I must endure forever, seemingly
My existence is bleak

Once, I had felt the joy of life
It seemed so good to me
The beauty of my wife
Was there for the whole world to see
With the birth of our son
I thought that I had it all
In the game of life, I'd won
Until it all began to fall

What had gone wrong?
I still don't know … why?

Feeling the blood
Of my only son
It covered my hands
What had I done?
Feeling that loss
And what it now means
There I had felt…
No hope before me

Ridden with the guilt
I had inside
I couldn't hide from the pain
Abandoned by
My heartless wife
I took her life
A stable mind
Has gone insane

Why me? Why this grief?
So many tears
With no sympathy
Why live this dismal life?
As death awaits
Please, just let me die
With the blade
Upon my wrist
How could I even resist?

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