a Mourner's Tears

Fall of Empyrean

Your life on this earth dissolves

As the tears
Of those around you fall

Despond and in mourning
You can hear the silence
Victim of a cruel
And senseless violence

We feel in us
Never-ending sorrow
We know for you
There is no tomorrow

Through our lives we see
These countless tragedies

In you, we see our future
A life six feet deep
Hopeless in our thoughts
And stricken with disease
It preys on our fears
Through pain and fallen tears…
A mourner sees the way

What purpose do we serve
When death is what we deserve?

No longer mourning
But together in death

They lay us to rest
Could it be that it's true?
They now feel
The never-ending sorrow
They know for us
There is no tomorrow

We've come to join you
In a place they fear
To suffer together
Though without a tear…

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