This Sanguine Farewell

Fall of Empyrean

My hands shake just like the fallen leaves
Dyed the color of my lover's blood
Sanguine ecstasy calls to me
Driven forth to desperate ends

Oh my love is newly dead
There's no path in front to tread anymore
The night forbids any sanctity
From the act my heart's pain has lead

Oh...where are we now?
My withering bride
Within sinful arms
Forbidden lust
I've chosen not to defend
Oh...where am I now?
In constant anguish
This crimson paint
My memory
Of the bond that between us is dead

This mournful eulogy I sing for you
A final dedication to your end

Oh...I can see you now
A haunting beauty
Your skin so white
Your life's plight
Is reflected in dead eyes
Oh...where am I now?
Trapped within this hatred
Feeling anger inside
I cannot hide
How much that I resent you

Now my dear the time has come
To send you
Into the afterlife
Where you shall suffer eternally
Forever in misery

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