Breathe Deep The Cinders

Fall of Empyrean

Look into my eyes
And see all the pain
I slowly lose my mind
Drifting further away
I never could accept
The ways of the world
An outcast with regret
Destined to die alone

Born to suffer in the end
Life, I just can't comprehend
Hate that I can't dismiss
Love simply does not exist

What they see is real
Is a delusion to me
The god they have embraced
Is such a disgrace
When, when will they ever learn?
Escape, escape is the burn …

How could I believe
That I could succeed
In this land of filth?
I have lost the will …
To live

Time has come for me
To leave this earth in flames
Burning alive,
Redemption will come
With my death

I torch the walls all around
In this dark room
Hoping that the fire
Will engulf me soon
Patiently, I wait as it arrives
The end is here at last

Smoke fills the vacant air
I begin to breath in deep
The cinders
Without a care
My life begins to …

… fade away
Slowly dying
Continue to breathe it in
As the flames come upon
And scorch my flesh
Enjoy every moment
As I feel my own death
I am one with the ashes

Composição: Fall Of Empyrean

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