Bluebeard's Chamber

Final Cry

At last my life has been evil
And I have shown cruelty
To those who were in need of succour.

The poor called to me and I did not hearken
And my ears were closed
To the cries of the afflicted.

And so did I.

To those who lacked help I have been bitter
The inheritance of the fatherless
I did take unto myself.

He who came for water went away thirsting
And the outlawed men
I betrayed before dawn.

And so did I.

I wounded the hands that fed me
The breasts that gave me suck I did despise.
The enemy who spared me
I snared in an ambush and sold for a price.

I am the source of rebellion
And with evil I requite good
And with wrongdoing kindness.

To my sins I build seven altars
My Idols aren't of gold nor of silver
But of flesh that dies.

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