Wolves Among Sheep

Final Cry

When the roses are torn from their branches
And the blooms hide their beauty in shame
White lilies run dry without water
And freeze under moons on the wane.

When the fruits from the wombs of their mothers
Torn lifeless in autumn's cold haze
With eyes already sealed before the first view
Would break through the dawn like a blaze.

Behold - I will send you
As sheep in the midst of wolves.
Beware - of false prophets
Who look like sheep but are ravenous wolves.

Like wolves among sheep.

Then the heavens we chase lie in ashes
And our hearts are of poison and lead
Then sweet dreams that once slumbered in clover
Become hags in the crypts of the dead.

And far east an angel is weeping
In midnight's gruesome dusky arm
And behind these veils of black velvet
Another maiden is loosing her charm.

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