Where Life Is Just a Dream

Final Cry

You reached the trax of life
leading to nowhere
and the last train is gone.

Lines of love – lines of hate
you never understood
senselessly burning, senselessly turning around.

We were flying high
like a wandering sigh
but I touched the ground

what once seemed real
decayed to dust
can't stand this pain I feel.

Mark my grave and whisper in my ear
where does the river lead to?
When all breaks apart for what you have
lived, loved, hated, feared?

You reached the edge of nowhere
where life is just a dream
where love is just a word
where hope is just a spark
where fear is just an illusion.

You touched the thorns of the north
you felt the frost of the night
you heard the voice of the cold
you dreamt of a wintertale
long forgotten and gone
and in the end…frost.

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