From Frozen Skies

Final Cry

She died. And he fell into slumber
Or the vast realms of revery -
Where the great springs they had together
Would last for all eternity.

She died. It was in cold December
With frozen flowers on her hair -
They say she couldn't stand the winter
That's when she drowned within despair.

Take my hand - for the night is dark
and rain falls down from frozen skies.
Keep me warm - for the storms are cold
That cast right down from frozen skies.

From frozen skies.

And now the waters of the river
They flow not onward to the sea -
Still they sigh one unto the other
In a strange tongue of misery.

And now they sit, locked in each other's
Embrace aside the river's bed -
And when he looks into the waters
He sometimes wishes he were dead.

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