Final Cry

The elder's tears are dropping
on her sore and silent lips
and nature draws the magic word
gently upon her head.

The branches shadowplay enchants
a smile on her ivory face
and her eyelids they seem to flash
like a twinkling of a star.

And she danced till the moon wept
and the sun smiled tired upon the new dreary day,
and she danced –
and the time stood still for a while.

Through a veil of haze and sweat
she weaved around my heart
I step into her magic circle
she takes my hand and we dance...

That's when the dead arise
from the soil bleeding black
and a storm emerges
from the lightning-cracked sky.

She was shedding her skin like a snake
as I raised the crystal flake –
full of blood
and a spell has been cast.

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