Let Me Down

Final Cry

By the fullmoon I raise from my lair
featureless - I gasp for air
driven by a desire for thousand years
soaked by streams of burning tears.

I left the mountains frozen by harm
thunder & lightning greeting me warm
generations of shadows I did mourn
I proclaim the deadpale dawn.

Once I wandered - northern trace
path of wolves - darkened face
whisper shepherd - dark and deep
fall in slumber - Let me sleep

O let me drown in sweet romance
beyond the shadows we will dance
hagridden I cry for deliverance
o let me drown in sweet romance.

I am approaching from my world of stone
I howl with the wolves in valleys unknown
frozen ruins I domain - lonely I cry
until the day I look into your eye.

Last night I saw you staring into the dark
in your scarlet heart I left my mark
last night I saw you waving ashore
I am approaching to open your door.

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