When The Stars Fall

Final Cry

As I died in your arms
it was like I was falling asleep
I reached out my hand
trying to catch my dream.
As I died in your arms
and my heart stopped to beat
I passed through the vast gates
of my misery.

Your smile is like a beacon that will guide me through the storm
and I reached my own horizon trying to keep you safe and warm.
I thought I saw you waving calling for my love
and I'm forever craving for you my little dove.

As I died in your arms
And the dew sunk on my brow
I fell on my knees
Whispering your filthy name.
As I died in your arms
I finally wondered
who'll give you warmth
and shelter in the night.

And when the stars fall from the sky
and the moon is weeping just as I
I am longing for your embrace
the apparition of a soul lost in space.

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