Mallo Weed

Final Cry

So warm and sweet the summerwind
is rustling through the leaves
the taste of honey on his lips
he banished our griefs.

The branches of the willowtree
are guarding our sleep
so silently the night did fall
on our mallow weed.

In autumn as the feathers fell, we left the world of man,
enshrined in gold eternally, that spoke the winter's ban.
As we soaked each other's breath from our hungry lips,
we sealed the oath – a star we touched – with our fingertips.

The horns of the hunting – silenced by nightfall
no one will ever tear us apart
frozen in slumber – burnt by the sunset
revel in love for eternity.

No snow, no rain, no autumn leaves
will moisten our lair
a scent of roses I did spread
upon her fragrant hair.

And we laid our head arest
tired of breathing above
deeper into the linnen sheet
that covers our love.

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