Raise of Cain

Final Cry

Cast into the dust but still I will withstand Into the azure I strike my filthy hand Raised my voice against the rules that brought me pain Now I kneel before the altar of the slain. Drown my house in torment now I live in fear Fall from grace to shed another unseen tear Father turn your head and hide your face in shame See the impaled brother slain before you came. But you must allow - my own world to stand My hut you didn't build - my spine you didn't bend When I was a child - I didn't know it in from out I turned my confused eyes - towards the blackened cloud. Who helped me against the pride of the titans? Who rescued me from slavery and death? It was you, my sacred glowing heart So glow with ardent, with youthful distress. In the fields, Cain rose against Abel And slew him softly from behind. And with his brother's blood The first Rebellion has burst out To tear the thrones of tyranny in sky.

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